5 DIY Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Running low on space in your kitchen? Why not create some space yourself? It is high time you bid farewell to irritating carpenters. Doing it yourself is the new key to satisfaction. It is actually possible to give your kitchen an overhaul with tweaks available at hand. Utilize old and redundant regular stuff and turn your kitchen into a spacious cavern. On a serious note, organizing your kitchen utensils with these DIY ideas is easier than you can ever imagine. And, it’s never a herculean task to dedicate a few hours to your kitchen from your onerous schedules. Let’s explore some of the ideas that make this task much easier.

  1. Use magazine racks

Your magazine racks have a greater utility in your kitchen. They can prove much better at holding lids, cutting boards and other flat things. Just install one inside your cabinet doors and observe them magically hold your stuff. Flat things would never get through to other dimensions once they are properly organized.


  1. Create a pan holder

Take an old pallet, use your creative abilities to give it a great paint job and anchor it to a wall in your kitchen. Use hangers to hold pans and pots. Use magnetic strips for organizing your knives. Thus, keeping things simple and tidy. A lot of space can be saved this way.

  1. Organize your canned food

Every month, scores of canned food item make for your kitchen. Lack of space often leads into coping with constantly toppling items. This can be avoided with a few boards, wheels and a little bit of extra time. With these successfully put in, a makeshift storage closet can be created. This storage can be hidden in the corners and beside the refrigerator. Wheels allow you to pull it out whenever necessary and hide away when not required.


  1. Door Organizer

Kitchen doors can be very handy when it comes to saving space. Simple hangers, racks and magnetic strips when perfectly installed behind a door, can stunningly turn the door into a great organizer for your pans, pots and knives. It saves space, labor and time besides providing organizing space for your kitchen.

  1. Organize your small stuff

Besides all the above hacks, there is a bunch of DIY ideas for organizing small items in your kitchen. Such little hacks can be: basket case, paper towel holders for paper trails, slide out coffee racks, drawer dividers, pie-filling cans for holding cooking utensils, stored spice bottles by the oven – just some quick and easy ways to smartly hold your small stuff without the danger of misplacing them.

For some, it can be tedious task organizing utensils in the kitchen. But, when a stunning help is available at hand, it suddenly becomes a cinch. Doing it yourself gives you an edge. You save money and time and organize your kitchen utensils easily. Only that you have to put in your valuable time. Use some of the ideas discussed above. Don’t waste time mulling it over, step out and do it yourself!