7 Exotic Asian Recipes You Must Try

We love our food – it’s a fact. But sometimes – just sometimes – that same old platter seems to be dragged down in a rather indolent manner. At times like that you crave for exotic food to replenish your taste buds. Whenever it comes to the cognitive reference of the adjective – ‘exotic’ – the idea that immediately crosses our minds, is Asian food. Asian food is renowned all over the world for its aroma, flavor and what not. And, when we talk about exotic Asian recipes, it’s more than enough to get you drooling. Without mucking around further, here follow some of the fascinating exotic Asian recipes.

  1. Masala Chickpeas

A discussion on Asian recipes isn’t ever complete without reiterating Indian cuisines and this recipe has an essence of the most mysterious nation in the world. Masala chickpeas take you on a tour of North India where this recipe is extremely popular. An immaculate combination of spice dressings on chickpeas make this dish succulent and worth a try. If Indian spices are what you love, this recipe is oriented to placate your stresses and keep you coming for more. Masala chickpeas make for an amazing appetizer.

  1. Soup Dumplings

Soup dumplings, popularly known as dim sums, is a surprise package. This recipe, as the denomination suggests, is simply a dumpling inserted with hot soup. The Taiwanese cuisine is a sudden burst of flavors in your mouth. Inserting soup into a dumpling is one hell of a meticulous task but we need not delve into the details of bringing about this perfection as long as it continues to tickle our taste buds. This exhilarating and lively recipe can draw your taste buds into addiction. In fact, soup dumplings sums up the idea of an exotic recipe.


  1. Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken

Think Asia, think spices. An impeccable combination of spiced yam flour, flash fried basil leaves, salt, pepper and chicken; this recipe packs chewiness and freshness that possesses the clout of turning that same old chicken into something exotic.

  1. Spicy Garlic Bacon

This Szechuanese appetizer is a recipe consisting of steamed pork slices with sesame, soy sauce, pureed garlic, vinegar and chilli oil. A promising package with a blend of spices – exotic, indeed.

  1. Thai Lime-Ginger Soup

A splendid starter that combines lime and spices. Serrano and bird chilies provide the quintessential spicy flavor to this exotic Asian recipe. Asia always has something to cater to the soup fiends and it never disappoints.

  1. Panaeng (Meat in Coconut Cream)

Traditionally, this recipe is built on pork, beef or chicken – served with steamed rice. It is a blend of sweet and spice with a thick coconut milk sauce. The combination is an exciting dish that can satiate any exotic appetite.

  1. Lemongrass Chicken

A hybrid cuisine that combines the flavors of India and Thailand, traditionally cooked with six cloves of garlic and chicken with green beens, Lemongrass Chicken is known to strengthen the immune system.


In fact, there is a massive cluster of Asian recipes that is worth a try. You will fall in love with Asian recipes – that is imminent. It’s worth the try not wait, and you don’t have to fly all the way to China to try exotic Asian recipes. So, get up and savor one now!