12 DIY Ideas for your Kitchen

With thousands of brilliant ideas pouring in, it is not hard to believe that giving your kitchen a makeover is a task at your hands. DIY provides you with an opportunity to be your boss and decorate your stuff just the way you want, without any limitations. There is absolutely no need to pay hefty sums to those carpenters to renovate your kitchen that too in a way which does not belong to you. Here, we take a look at some of the best DIY ideas for your kitchen.

  1. Funky Tray

All you need is an unfinished wooden tray and a creative mind. Let the tray be your canvas and paint everything that’s on your mind. Cover it with a bright finish and serve snacks in a funky way.


  1. Storage with a touch of style

Pick out an old rack, cover it with a glossy paint and use it as a handy storage for cooking and baking tools. Use a tension rod to hang hand towels.

  1. Floral decorations

Download floral images from the internet, print them on pages from old books. Hang them on the walls of your kitchen. Or you might consider stitching the pages to a piece of linen mat with pulled out threads before attaching them. These flower prints revive the good vibes.

  1. Add style to your kitchen curtains

Add an exotic aura to your kitchen with home-made curtains. Use your creative ideas and put them onto the curtains to create graffiti-style designs. Use fabric oriented spray paints.


  1. Wall decor

Wooden letters and wine corks can be used to create fun wall arts that give a stunning overhaul to your kitchen. Spell out motivating and edgy letters on your walls. Hot glue and removable adhesive strips can be used to affix letters to the walls.

  1. Add more storage

You can revive an old closet with new paint to add funky additional storage to your kitchen. Old cabinets with mirrors can be blotched with a little work to breathe new life into your kitchen.

  1. Use chalkboard paint

Use chalkboard paint on your kitchen walls to create a message center that is updated with daily thoughts. Moreover, it can work as a great reminder for your grocery lists.

  1. Edgy canisters

You can revamp those old cartridges to add a bit of unique look to your kitchen.

  1. Renovate kitchen countertops

If your kitchen countertops have been a constant subject of wear and tear, you can consider painting them instead of replacing – this would be your savior if you are on a budget.


  1. A pull-out garbage bin

With little work with wood and tools, you can install a pull-out trash bin to save space in your kitchen.

  1. Organize kitchen drawer

You can give your kitchen drawers a simple overhaul with dividers to store more items and segregate them.

  1. Create a plate rack storage

If you are fed up of breaking plates, you are in a serious need of a dish rack. With a little knowledge of woodwork, you can create one yourself. Anchor it over the sink to make it easily reachable.

These are certain basic DIY ideas for your kitchen. You can create your DIY techniques with mind-boggling ideas. Let the creativity flow!

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